The Banyan Gym

The preschool children are very active in this particular age and they are very curious about new things and learn very fast. Their brains work like a super computer; they grasp everything which is in their premises of senses. This is the age of growth and development, as the child is not only developing mentally but also growing physically. A wide range of physical activates can boost the child to next level. When children are playing in playground whole body is involved and wide range of physical activity will happen which is very essential for this age group. The child is also benefited with both physically as well as mentally.

In India preschools are located in both rural and urban areas. The rural preschools are organised and managed by govt and has good amount of space available for playground. These playgrounds are basically outdoor and equipment are made of metal. So, it’s very difficult to play on them in mornings as the average temperature in India is about 40 C. whereas in case of private preschools they don’t posses outdoor playground. As they only manage with the indoor available space.  The congested playground makes hard to move around and they are disconnected from nature as well.

Imagine playground equipment which addresses the problems of schools and enhance the children’s growth and development. The equipment which can be adjusted according to space and offers the surprise of the nature?

The Banyan Gym is playground equipment which is very easy to install in available space indoor and can spread according to space available. It provides a natural play experience to child and enhances the child to better growth and development.

Agency: Self initiative.
Client: eenlivenn design studio
Creative Field(s): Industrial design
Type: Professional
Year: 2016

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