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Uday Kumar Bagari

Uday Kumar Bagari

Uday Kumar Bagari

Uday kumar bagari


Hello, I am "Uday Kumar Bagari" "Toy and Game Designer" graduated from "National institute of Design" and also "Mechanical Engineer".


Since childhood, I was very excited and curious about playing and my favourite play was constructive play where i used to build houses, dams, etc. The science, electrical and mechanical DIY kit was the delight and the board games just luv it. The Carrom board and the local board game asta chemma where my favourite.


I think those play activities has guided me to become what am i today. "Toy and Game Designer"

Lets know what i can do?

Fisher-Price - Doodle pro

December 23, 2018

Doodle pro  

Furniture Design @ Woxsen School of Art & Design Hyderabad.

November 6, 2018

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